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Appropriate Behavior Expected

Questions, observations and critiques regarding the content of the articles posted within this site are welcomed and encouraged. However, due to the unfortunate tendency of internet discussions to digress into name calling, personal attacks, and chaotic irrationality, all of which potentially spawning from the actions of just one single person, this site maintains a basic set of posting guidelines expected to be followed by all.

Comment Approval & Moderation:

  • For all of those who do not have a WordPress account, a name and valid email address must be supplied to post a comment. As this site is intended to present and discuss topics in a professional manner, it is requested that commenters use their real name.
  • All comments must be approved before they will appear in discussion threads. This policy is far from a form of censorship, but rather serves three beneficial purposes: 1.) to help prevent spam 2.) to nip trolling at the bud 3.) to give the article’s writer an opportunity/reminder to sufficiently respond to the comment
  • The owner of this site reserves the right to edit, delete or refuse to approve any comment that contains material deemed inappropriate (see below for examples)

Appropriate & Inappropriate Material:

  • Comments should not contain any profanity or obscene language; comments containing such language may still be approved, albeit after being edited.
  • Comments should not contain excessive usage of “ALL CAPS” as this is usually interpreted as yelling, nor should comments contain erratic spacing or formatting. Please try to write professionally using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling etc.
  • Comments should not be antagonistic or hostile in nature or contain any name calling, personal attacks or insults, or any argument that can be considered as being an ad hominem.
  • Comments should not be repetitive; please read the entire thread before posting to ensure that a question or critique had not already been addressed.
  • Comments should avoid using logically fallacious arguments or off-topic material, lest such comments be construed as being intentionally antagonistic and/or disruptive
  • Simply put, any and all comments that indicate blatant trolling will not be approved. Repeated abuse will result in permanent, automatic comment disapproval.

For an example of how not to act when posting, please see the comment below:

Sample Bad Comment


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